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Something more rewarding than a bank CD, and safer than the stock market

Do you ever feel like your being robbed of your life savings?

Are you working real hard to get ahead but just staying in the same place with your investments?

Or maybe even losing some money every time the stock market takes a dive?

Are you afraid to invest your money in high yielding investments because of the risk?

Are you playing it "safe" and making 2% or less in a money market or bank CD?

It seems as investors we just can't win...

  • We have to take big risks to try to beat the market
    keep up with inflation
  • And pay brokerage fees that cut into our profit
  • Or we have to settle for making such little interest in a safe investment, that it really doesn't amount to anything.

There is a better way...

I found an investment vehicle that most brokers don't even know about and the banks themselves are taking your money and paying you only 1 or 2% or even less, and their using your money to invest it in this same investment vehicle to make double digit returns, and their keeping the "spread." They are investing in high yielding, real estate guaranteed tax lien certificates and redeemable tax deeds.


What if you had investments that weren't tied to the stock market, or the real estate market... and they got a guaranteed rate of return no matter what the stock market or the real estate market did?


What if there was a way that you could protect your nest egg and stay ahead of inflation?

Well you can do it by investing in high yielding, real estate guaranteed, government issued tax lien certificates.

And the best part?

I can show you step-by-step how to do it!

Join me for...

Which tax sales are coming up?

And which ones are online?

And of the tax lien and tax deed sales that are online, which are the more profitable states to invest in?

What should you look out for?

And how can you get expert help, even as you're getting ready for your first tax sale, registering to bid, finding the tax sale information, getting the tax sale list, doing your due diligence on the tax sale properties and bidding at the sale...

Scroll down the page and find out....

Here's What You Will Get With My
Advanced Tax Lien Investing Secrets Training


In Module #1 "Preparation," You'll Learn:

Which states sell liens and which states sell tax deeds so that you can find the best state for YOU to invest.

What the difference is between a tax lien, a tax deed, and a redeemable deed and which is the best investment for you.

How to find the results of past tax sales so that you know how much money you need to invest and which tax sales are worth your time.

You'll get the resources that I use to find out what tax sales are coming up around the country

When the tax sales are coming up in the counties that you want to invest in, so you have time to plan your investing.

Where to find the places that have online tax sales, so that you don’t have to physically attend the tax sale if you don't want to.

How to get all of the tax sale information online, by phone, or by email, so that you can register and prepare to attend the tax sale without leaving home.

Module 2

In Module #2 "Researching Tax Sale Properties," You'll Discover:

How to filter the tax sale list to narrow down the list of properties to research.

How to research tax sale properties so that you only bid on profitable liens or deeds. 

The 3 common mistakes most new tax lien investors make and how to avoid them.

How to find assessment and market data for tax sale properties online, so you can be certain of the value of the real estate that secures your investment.

What you need to watch out for when you're investing in land


Module 3

In Module #3 "Bidding Success," You'll Find Out:

You'll learn all the different bidding procedures, so that you know how to bid in your state. 

How and when to register to bid at the tax sale, and what you need to bring with you to register to bid.

I'll show you how to prepare a bid sheet so that you don’t get caught off guard when you go to a live auction.

How to be prepared with the right form of payment for the properties you bid on, so that you don't lose any successful bids and get barred from future tax sales.

Bidding strategies for both the live auctions and online auctions, so that whether you're bidding in person or online, you know what to do to be successful.


Module 4

In Module #4 "Protect Your Investment," You'll Understand:

What to do after you purchase a tax lien or deed to protect your investment and maximize your profit.

I'll show you the software that I use to track my investments and my profit, and show you how to do it, so that whether you use software or not, you can track your liens and your profit and so that you don't miss any important deadlines.

How to clear the title on your tax deed.

Learn whether or not you need to record your lien or deed and how to do it.


Module 5

In Module #5 "Advanced Strategies For Investing in Tax Delinquent Properties," You'll Discover:

Advance strategies to profit faster, including buying secondary tax liens and tax foreclosed properties, and making money from tax delinquent properties without going to the tax sale as well as a brand new strategy that I only just found out about last year (NOBODY teaches this one!)

And we'll review everything that you've learned.

PLUS 2 Bonus Training Webinars!


Course Contents

Here's what you'll learn in this exclusive tax lien investing training course.

  • Which states are the best to invest in and where to begin, whether you have little money to start with, or plenty of money but little time
  • How to find all the tax sale information you need and determine the best place for you to invest
  • How to research tax sale properties and choose the right properties to bid on
  • How to bid at the tax sale, whether in person or online
  • How to manage your tax lien and deeds for maximum profit

Instant Access

Delivered in an exclusive members only training site. This is how it works....

  • You'll receive a special link by email to set up your unique ID and password to access the training site
  • Your lessons will be posted each Monday during the course
  • We'll have a live mentoring call on Wednesday
  • Call recordings and resources will also be posted each week in the member site

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This Program Is For You If...

  • You've been wanting to invest in tax liens or tax deeds but don't know where or how to start
  • You've going to tax lien or tax deed auctions but are not happy with the results your getting
  • You're have some experience investing in tax liens or tax deeds but want to get better at it or invest in an area that you haven't invested in before
  • You have at least $5000 to invest ($10,000 or more is even better), inside or outside of your self-directed IRA
  • You have money in your self-directed IRA but haven't invested it yet, because you don't know what to invest in that's safe

What Others Say About Joanne Musa

“If you are looking for a solution to Tax Lien and Deed investing, you’ve come to the right place with The Tax Lien Lady.  I started my search years ago with other providers without a single result, until I found Joanne Musa. Her coaching program has delivered, and her guidance is top notch.”

Steve Iltz
Steve Iltz Oregon

“Joanne’s presence in the industry is steady and true, and she fully believes in providing quality, education opportunities for individual investors.  At TSR, we always feel confident sending novice investors or those looking to expand into new jurisdictions to Joanne.  We know that she will take good care of any investor and provide them the important education necessary in making wise, “no-hype” decisions before investing their hard-earned money.  Joanne stands above others in her class with her integrity and vast, nationwide knowledge that many others cannot provide.”

Rachel Seidensticker, COO
Rachel Seidensticker, COO

"Thanks to Joanne and her connecting me to the right people, I now own a cash flowing rental in another state, I’m expecting deeds on 3 more houses in the next 3 weeks, and I own tax liens that are making 16-36%, all in states I've never been to."

Birgit Mueller
Birgit Mueller Colorado

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